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Check out episode 3 of Beauty and the Book, featuring special guest author Fannie Flagg.

To learn more about The Beauty and the Book Show and to watch other episodes, visit


  1. Hello everybody, it’s Kathy Patrick, the host of the Beauty and the Book Show! I own and operate the ONLY Hair Salon/Book Store in the country and invite you all to watch my wonderful NEW show thanks to the good folks at Random House Publishing. To me, reading is the highest form of entertainment and you will never hear gossip in my shop because once we figure out what cut, color or whatever will make your personality shine, we talk about authors, books, literacy, and reading! My book club meets usually in my shop the second Tuesday of the month and we have now grown to 405 chapters throughout the United States and in ten foreign countries. Who knew?
    I jokingly tell everybody that “I’ll leave the hair dryer on for you” but I can assure you, not only do I keep up with the latest reads, I also keep up with the latest trends and styles for your hair.
    It just makes good sense to me that when you look your best and become a reader, there is nothing in life you can’t do if you are passionate enough and work hard enough.
    So now through all my hard work and determination I am on a mission to get everybody on the same page that reading is the best thing you can do for yourself , your family, your children, and your community. Be a reader and read aloud! Thanks to the good people of Random House for letting me share my passions and now what are you waiting for, come watch our shows! I can assure you interviewing all these authors was a dream come true and I never had more fun in my life. I don’t run your momma’s book club, we read books that enlighten, engage, entertain, and educate us in a fun way, our reads are never homework.
    I know you will love the shows so far with Karen Abbott, Paula Mclain, and Fannie Flagg, each are unique stories and PERFECT for books clubs. Thank you for joining the Wonderful World of the Beauty and the Book Show now on with the show!
    Tiara wearing, Beauty and the Book sharing,
    Kathy L. Patrick
    Author of “The Pulpwood Queens’ Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life”
    Founder of the Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Clubs
    Senior High Youth Group Leader of The First United Methodist Church AND
    Literary Chair for the Rotary Club of Jefferson, Texas
    P.S. Why don’t you all come for a visit to my Beauty and the Book and see where most of the show is set. I call my hometown Jefferson, Texas, “Mayberry on the Bayou” and I guess I am it’s equilvalent of “Floyd” the barber character on the show, hahahhaa. And as I always say teasingly, “I’ll leave the hair dryer on for ya!”.

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